“Love listening to this station. Always play good music.” -Lori Ann Madron, Cushing, OK

“They are a great group of people!  They care about what they share and work to make a positive impact!”  – Cody Scott, Stillwater, OK

“KUSH – This place takes me into another time, inspires me and your energy is undeniable.  Thank you for your support.” – Stoll Vaughan – singer/songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

“This was my first time on the radio.  You all made me feel right at home.  I will be back!”  – Denise Swafford, Motivational speaker, Chandler, OK

“KUSH – This was a very warm and genuine show business experience.  The girls were so fun and kind and professional.  ‘Oklahoma Gem"” – Steve “Hambone” Ham, Texas Playboy

“Coming to KUSH and being with Joyce and Molly is like going to visit family!  I love hanging with the KUSH Girls!”  – Jim Paul Blair, singer/songwriter/musician

“News, stuff about Cushing.  Friendly radio people!  Good music. Love everything about it.” – Janet Dunn Lane, Cushing, OK

“I love talk radio!  Talking with Molly is like talking to my sister.  The relaxed environment is great.  I never feel like I’m lost on things to talk about!  Joyce is behind the scenes, but the team is a great match!” – Richard Thackray, Cushing Pride coordinator, Cushing, OK

“We always love getting to hang out with the KUSH Girls!  Thank you for helping us get the word out and always being a blast!  Love you girls!”  – Ivy Hill, United Way of Payne County, Stillwater, OK

“What a great experience!  It had been 35 years since I was at a radio station.  This experience took me back to my past music days.  I left the station with new friends, but most of all…memories that lead to the path of music.  Thank you so much for keeping the flame burning.”  – Phillip Wilson, singer/songwriter

“We always enjoy coming on KUSH.  Molly makes it easy and comfortable to connect with the people of Cushing and helps us to be a resource to our Cushing kids and families.”  – Janet Fultz, Exec. Director, Payne County Youth Services, Stillwater, OK

“I love visiting Molly and Joyce!  I always come away encouraged.  They do so much for our communities by helping us to feel more connected with each other.  What a legacy we have in KUSH.  Amazing!  I love KUSH!” – Amy Caudle, Volunteer Coordinator, Right Path Riding Academy, Drumright, OK

“I had a great time.  You made me very comfortable and at ease.  I thank you for the support you give musicians and for the chance to play my tunes.”  – Robert “Strummer” Combs, musician, Tulsa, OK

“Thank you for letting me come over and experience radio with you.  It makes me smile on my way here because I know my interview is going to be fun, entertaining, and educational!  Thank you for letting me work with you.”  – John Talley, Oklahoma State Representative, District 33

“I want to thank you, ladies, from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you’ve shown me since the moment we met.  You ladies are a staple in our music community and we treasure you so, so much.  Love you ladies!  Thank you!”  – Jake Flint, Singer/Songwriter, Tulsa, OK

“I turned deep red.  Proud to be a piece of this radio experience.”  – Mike Music, Musician, Cushing, OK

“You’re dad would have been proud!” – Molly’s Mom

“My absolute favorite thing about KUSH is DA LADEEZ.  They’re the sweetest things of my life, always treat me like family…and make me giggle my butt off every time I see them.  Love you guys!  #KUSH 4 LYFE”  – Rachel Lynch, Singer/Songwriter, OKC, OK

“The KUSH Girls always make us feel welcome and comfortable.  Every time I am here, I have a lot of fun!  Thank you!”  – Scott Mills, University & Community Federal Credit Union, Stillwater, OK

“I was a little nervous being on KUSH for my first time, but the KUSH Girls made it so easy and fun!  Loved it!  I wanna come back!”  – Penny Holt, University & Community Federal Credit Union, Stillwater, OK

“Molly was the most detailed interviewer we have been with.  Was truly open and honest – very comfortable.  We thank Molly, staff & station.  We enjoyed being here!”  – Keith McKinney, Gospel & R & B Singer and wife Eva, Cushing, OK

“HOME with the KUSH Girls – I instantly felt like we were friends while in the studio.  The show was fun and I could’ve stayed all day.”  – Lea McCormick, Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival, Claremore, OK

“Love listening to this station. Always play good music.” -Lori Ann Madron, Cushing, OK

“All this time I thought you were a piano player…”  – The Shadow’s Mom

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