Letter To The Editor

I don't believe in abortion, but I think it is a terrible mistake to criminalize it.I think women who feel driven to get an abortion need our compassion.I can't imagine anyone making a quick... Read More.


Welcome to the new and improved KUSH website!   You've probably already noticed the new look.  But as you explore the links and pages, you will notice new ways to communicate with us.  We hope... Read More.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,     When I was a 16-year-old senior at Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City, I was shot at by an armed robber in the parking lot behind C.R. Anthony’s store on North... Read More.

Letter to the Editor

 Dear Editor,    It appears that Donald Trump does not like Africans.    I wonder if he has ever had any personal experience with a person from Africa.    When I taught journalism at Langston... Read More.