The Shadow is a comic-book character.

He hides in the shadows and whispers in the ears of unsuspecting victims, to bend their wills to his intellect. The KUSH’s version of the Shadow is behind the “curtain”, pulling the levers which allow the magic to flow. He’s sometimes referred to as the PUBLISHER, and other times, a radio engineer, or IT guy. He’s actually neither. The “Shadow’s’ forte is convincing the rest of the gang to do the unthinkable.

He joined the KUSH ten years ago with an unspeakable plan to rule the airwaves with an original eclectic formula. Today, his evil plan has begun to take shape as the KUSH, on the web, air, and print. Programming and content at the KUSH follow no convention. They’ve been building the machine since he came aboard, with NO idea how things are gonna come out. He’s keeping
it to himself. Listen in, visit on the Web, or read our publications, and judge for yourself. Just what IS he up to. .?