Molly Payne has been the Queen of the KUSH for over a decade. She is kind of a big deal, just ask her.

Molly was born in Pawnee Oklahoma way back in the days of old, where families came together on horses and buggy and huddled around the ole radio to hear music and stories.

She grew up in Woodward Oklahoma and graduated from there in 1974. After high school and a brief stint at a Bible college, she then moved to Cushing. When she was young and trying to find herself, she developed a love for fried chicken at the local KFC.

She then found herself a husband and began her life as a wife and mother. Her young family meandered through a few states before camping in Minnesota, where she began to raise 3 children. As fate would have it, she landed back in Cushing in 2005.

Molly has been floating to the top of a media career ever since. Starting at a newspaper, she discovered another HOME at KUSH radio in 2008. She is now the mom-ager of the KUSH.

Molly has always been witty and windy and at times blissfully inappropriate.  She uses her gifts every day hosting the morning show, HOME. She enjoys the wide cross-section of America she meets. She loves hearing their stories and singing along with their songs, badly.

Along with her producer and show partner, Joyce Abrams, they provide a wonderful Home-y platform for people to meet and tell their stories.