KUSH is a progressive music station featuring Americana music, Texas music, and selected pop country tracks. Americana music has many different definitions depending on where a station is located in the United States. For us at KUSH, Americana music is all based on American roots music that might include traditional country, rockabilly, Western swing, folk, blues, gritrock, troprock, retroradio tunes, or instrumentals that make us move.

The overall aesthetic for KUSH tunes is twangy music that is uptempo with a wry, positive, or original lyrical sensibility. When songs are previewed, three rings of the lyrical or musical “cliche bell” get a tune bounced from consideration. KUSH programs music that is either going to keep listeners in a good mood or attempt to put them in a good mood if they are feeling oppressed by the life-blues.

A typical daytime music hour includes a heavy dose of new and current Americana, Texas artists, a select few pop country tracks, at least one local artist, a classic country track, and uptempo instrumentals leading us into the news at the top and bottom of the hour. KUSH After Dark features even more progressive and experimental tracks. Weekend listeners will be treated to a few more blues tracks. Sunday morning music fans will also hear a diverse and interesting collection of traditional and modern inspirational tunes.

Important Music Links

Americana Music Association:  https://www.americanamusic.org/
Texas Regional Radio Report: https://www.texasregionalradio.com/
Billboard: Billboard – Music Charts, News, Photos & Video
All Music Guide: https://www.allmusic.com/
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame: https://www.omhof.com/
Oklahoma Music Guide: https://www.oklahomamusicguide.com/
Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture: https://www.okpop.org/
Red Dirt Radio Oklahoma: https://www.rdrok.com/

National Music Charts Monitoring KUSH:

Texas Chart: https://www.texasregionalradio.com/Top100.asp
Americana Album/Singles Charts: https://www.americanamusic.org/americana-radio

Featured Artists

Kayln Fay: https://www.kalynfay.com/