(Cushing, Okla.)  If you happened to be in downtown Cushing Monday morning, you may have wondered what you were seeing on the corner of Broadway and Cleveland.  Lights, cameras and crew members were seen filming something – what and why they were filming, however, may remain a mystery.

Word on the street was that the crew – or at least the directors – were making their way up the TransCanada pipeline. 

“Cushing is our first stop,” said Keith Kincaid, one of the directors for the unknown production.  “Then we are heading to Ponca City,  Kansas and Nebraska.  When pressed for further information, he did say he and his partner Jessica McCreight were from Washington and the crew was out of Tulsa.

As tight-lipped as Kincaid and his cohort McCreight were, local participants had little information as well.

City Manager Steve Spears said they had requested “30 minutes of his time.”

“It ended up taking about an hour and a half – they had to put make up on this mug of mine,” he laughed.  And while he didn’t elaborate on the specifics of what he said, he did admit the emphasis was on the importance of the pipeline and all it brings to Cushing.

Denice Kennedy, who lives in the building on the corner of Broadway and Cleveland, was also given an opportunity to share in the experience.  As to what all her “film debut” entailed, details were not disclosed.

“We are just doing a little filming,” Kincaid said.  “We don’t have any immediate plans for usage.”

Yep – that’s all folks.

*Author’s note: By Googling Keith Kincaid and Jessica McCreight, I was able to discover they are both part of SKDKnickerbocker.  SKDKnickerbocker is “a nationally recognized strategic communications consulting firm” with offices in Washington, D.C. and New York City. 

According to SKDKnickerbocker’s website: www.skdknick.com:

Kincaid has been at SKDK for nearly a decade and specializes in strategic communications, issue-advocacy campaigns and integrated media campaigns.  He spearheads SKDK’s Digital and Internet Division, where he advises clients on strategy and best practices in the internet advertising space and in social media.  He has a M.A. in Media and Public Affairs from George Washington University and received a B.A. in Communications from UNC-Wilmington.

McCreight works on a variety of projects – corporate, political and non-profit.  She returned to SKDK after a leave of absence to work in the White House for then-Communications Director and SKDK Managing Director Anita Dunn.  She is a graduate of Indiana university and studied abroad in London at the London School of Economics and Political Science.