(STILLWATER, OKLA. / July 10, 2015) — The City of Stillwater is making progress on a number of summer transportation projects on city streets. Construction is ongoing at the 10th Avenue and Main Street mini-roundabout project. The contractor is scheduled to do microsurfacing work on Main Street from 9th to 11th Avenues on July 14. Repainting of parking spaces in this area will occur July 15. Project is scheduled for completion in August. The South Main Street bridge maintenance project is on-schedule with demolition occurring on the approach slab and expansion joints on the north part of the bridge, as well as sand blasting and priming of some of the steel on the south third of the bridge. Bridge is scheduled for completion in November. Under the Pavement Management Program (PMP), contractors have completed most of the preventative maintenance work on residential streets in several neighborhoods. Preventative maintenance methods include crack-sealing, full-depth patching and microsurfacing. Work on non-residential street will start this month. These streets include:

McElroy Road (McDonald Street to Western Road)

Krayler Avenue (Perkins Road to Benjamin Street)

26th Avenue (Main Street to Western Road)

Jardot Road McElroy Road to Lakeview Road)

Marine Avenue (Lakeview Road to Airport Road)

Lakeview Road (Perkins Road to Jardot Road)

Airport Road (Boomer Creek Bridge to Airport Industrial Access Road)

Airport Industrial Access Road (Airport Road to Lakeview Road)

Western Road (32nd Avenue to 6th Avenue)

Boomer Road (Washington Street to McElroy Road)

Other project to start later this summer, into the fall, include rehabilitation and road reconstruction. Reconstruction of Maple Avenue is in progress with aggregate base place from Duck to Duncan Street and demolition work will begin from Duncan to Husband Street next. These projects under the PMP were approved by the Stillwater City Council on July 7, 2014 for fiscal year 2015 at a cost of $4 million dollars, encompassing 52 out of 442 total lane miles of pavement inside city limits. For additional information about the City of Stillwater transportation capital projects, please visit https://stillwater.org/government/city_projects.php For more information, contact the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at 405-742-8362 or email [email protected].