Disclaimer-All arrestees/persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty



04/30/18, Colton Gunter Smith, Expired Tag, Traffic Summons


04/30/18, Azucena Margurita, No Insurance, No Driver’s License, Traffic Summons


04/30/18, Fernando Delgado, No Driver’s License, Traffic Summons


04/30/18, Nicholas Barker, FTP, FTA Larceny, Lost Property, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


05/01/18, Shelby Dale Gordon, Motion to Revoke, Attempt to Elude, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


05/02/18, Jason Brian Martin, Possession of Drugs Marijuana, Traffic Summons


05/04/18, Christopher William Short, Public Intoxication, Jailed


05/04/18, Tori Lynn Bridgeford, Failure to Appear (DUS), Falsely Impersonating Another to Create Liability, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


05/05/18, Derrick Tyler Blakely, Public Intoxication, Jailed


05/05/18, Christen Laine Jones, Failure to Yield to Oncoming Traffic, Traffic Summons


05/05/18, Emily Anne Strother, Expired Tag, Traffic Summons


05/05/18, James Leon Young, Public Intoxication, Jailed


05/06/18, Stephen Thomas Wood, Speed 15 Over, Traffic Summons



Stroud Fire Department Reports



18:50 on 04/11/18, 545th Street North to Highway 66, Grass Fire, Mutual Aid to Milfay, Command-1, Brush 4, Brush 6, and Brush 7


19:13 on 04/23/18, Highway 66 and 99, Signal 82, Rescue-1


11:16 on 04/25/18, 890228 South Highway 99, Medical, Rescue-1


06:50 on 04/28/18, Medical, Rescue-1


10:23 on 04/30/18, MM185 Eastbound Turner Turnpike, Mutual Aid Milfay, Grass Fire


14:05 on 05/01/18, MM185 Eastbound Turnpike, Grass Fire, Brush 6 and Brush 7