Disclaimer-All arrestees/persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty



04/16/18, Brittney Weber, No Driver’s License, Traffic Summons


04/17/18, Ronald Dean Mixon, Concealing Stolen Property, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department


04/18/18, Karri Lewis, No Insurance, Traffic Summons


04/18/18, Tommy Moore, Failure to Secure Load, Traffic Summons


04/18/18, Christopher Hysell, Failure to Appear, DUI, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department


04/20/18, Randy Taylor Schonfield, Possession of CDS, Intent to Distribute, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department


04/20/18, Jerrad Wayne Willard, 65 in a 40, Traffic Summons


04/21/18, Christopher lain Bledsoe, FTA Breaking and Entering, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department


04/21/18, Jessica Michele Byrd, No Insurance, Driving with Revoked Record, Traffic Summons


04/22/18, Harley L. Sherrick, 55 in a 40, Traffic Summons


04/23/18, Wesley Smith, Possession of Controlled Substance (x2), Larceny from the Home, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of a Firearm After A Felony Conviction, FTA Larceny from Home, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department



Stroud Fire Department Reports



13:23 on 04/12/18, 800 and 3580 (Back North), Medical Lift Assistance, Recue


13:52 on 04/12/18, North Side of Davenport (Old Trailer Park), Grass Fire, Tanker 2, Engine 36, and Brush 7


15:35 on 04/12/18, 850 and 3520 NE Corner , Grass Fire, Tanker 2, and Brush 7


09:28 on 04/15/18, MM 168 Westbound Turner Turnpike, Vehicle Fire 10:22, Rescue-1, Command-1 and Brush 7


18:35 on 04/15/18, Train Tracks and Allied Road, Grass Fire, Tanker-2, Command-1, Brush 4, Brush 6, and Brush 7


11:38 on 04/17/18, 317 West 8th, Gasoline Rupture, Engine-1


04:00 on 04/17/18, Grass Fire, Brush-7


05:00 on 04/18/18, Talogo, OK Reha Fire, Grass Fire, Brush-7


11:45 on 04/19/18, Highway 99 and McCammon Road, Grass Fire, Brush 6, and Brush-7


10:52 on 04/20/18, Prairie Point, Medical, Rescue-1