By Patti Weaver


  (Stillwater, Okla.) — A 22-year-old Stillwater man remains free on $10,000 bail pending a June 11 court appearance on a charge of breaking into a house while it was occupied by two men — two weeks after he was placed on probation for pointing a gun at a girl in Stillwater.
    Connor Jesse Rupe could be given up to 20 years in prison if convicted of first-degree burglary with the intent to commit assault and battery, court records show.
    Stillwater Police Officer Joshua Gomez was dispatched to the 700 block of S. Walnut at 11:23 pm on March 23 on a report that “a male carrying a bat and a female had just tried to make entry into their home and ran eastbound on foot,” his affidavit said.
    One of the roommates “told me that he was in his bedroom playing video games when he heard the back door close. He said he stepped out of his bedroom and saw a man wearing a red hoodie and carrying a baseball bat, as well as a female, run out the back door of the house. (He) said he yelled for his roommate and followed the male and female out of the house,” the officer wrote in his affidavit.
    “Both (roommates) stated that while the male and female were running across the street, the male slowed down and turned back toward the house. When the male turned around, they saw his face and recognized him as Connor Rupe.
    “I asked (one roommate) how he knew Connor, and he told me that Connor had recently been in jail for pointing at gun at (the roommate’s) ex-girlfriend. (He) told me that Connor had tried to break into his house before, but he was gone by the time police arrived.
    “I asked (both roommates) how Connor and the female had gotten into the house, and they told me that they only use the back door of the house, and that it was left unlocked tonight. Neither (roommate) was able to get a good look at the female or provide a description of her,” the officer alleged in his affidavit.
   Only two weeks earlier on March 8, Rupe had pleaded guilty to feloniously pointing a gun on Oct. 10, 2023, at a juvenile girl in the 800 block of W. Highpoint Drive in Stillwater, court records show. In that incident, an additional count of pointing a gun at an adult woman was dismissed by the prosecution.
    Rupe was placed on probation for five years and given credit for 90 days he had already served in jail, with an order to have an anger management course, undergo a substance abuse evaluation, take any recommended follow-up treatment, enroll in Work Force, be employed full time and have no contact with his juvenile victim.
    In that earlier case, Rupe had been arrested at his apartment at 2:20 am on Oct. 10, 2023, about 72 minutes after Stillwater Police Officer Miguel Najera was dispatched on “a threats with a gun call,” an affidavit said.
    “I was advised by both victims that suspect Connor Jesse Rupe had pointed a gun at them and threatened to shoot them. It was also stated that Rupe had put the butt of the ‘black pistol’ on the car window as they were attempting to drive away,” the officer alleged in his affidavit.
    The officer was also advised that Rupe had pressed the gun to a juvenile girl’s head threatening to kill her, the affidavit alleged.
    When officers contacted Rupe at his apartment, he admitted that the gun was pointed at the girl, that the gun likely tapped her in the head, and that he threatened to shoot her, the affidavit alleged.
    “Rupe also admitted that he followed (the girl) out to a public parking lot and pointed the gun at (the girl and an adult) threatening to shoot them if they came back,” the affidavit alleged.
    A black Ruger EC9s “was located in Rupe’s apartment with a round in the chamber,” the affidavit alleged.