(Cushing, Okla)  It was a typical Friday night for local resident Bryan Anderson until around 9:45 pm when he heard an interesting dispatch on his scanner.  “There’s a plane in a parking lot,” he heard the dispatcher say.  First responders followed with a surprised, “Where?”  The next thing Anderson said he heard was sirens.

Quick to respond himself, he headed to the scene on Main Street where, indeed, he saw a small plane in the parking lot of Simpson’s Gym.  Anderson said he learned that the plane apparently was losing fuel/fuel pressure and began landing on Main near Taco Bell and ended up jumping the curb and stopping in the parking lot of The Gym.

“Surprisingly they didn’t hit the lights…or anything else,” Anderson said.  It was also surprising that no one was hurt in the emergency landing.

KUSH arrived later where Cushing Police Department and Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers were managing the scene.

No other details are known at this time.  KUSH will continue to follow this story for updates.