(Stillwater) – Payne County Court Clerk Lisa Lambert announced today that her office now takes credit and debit cards. Lisa noted that she has recommended credit card payments to the state court for several years and last year the Oklahoma legislature approved legislation allowing courts to pass the vendor fee imposed by the card companies forward to the state agencies the court collects for. “We started taking credit and debit cards in July and our collections by card have increased a little more each week since then.” “At this time we can accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. We are negotiating contracts with American Express and Discover and suspect the State Court Administrator will have those card company contracts in the near future”.

Lambert advised her office collected $4.6 million dollars during fiscal year 2008 and many customers have asked whether she accepts debit and credit cards. Lisa said, ” Stillwater is a college town and most of our under 30 customers have some form of plastic in their wallets”. She also advised that many of the young customers don’t know how to write a personal check. At this time there are five county courts in Oklahoma that are taking credit cards, they are Payne, Cleveland, Muskogee, Creek and Kingfisher.

Cleveland County has accepted Discover cards for the last few years, but until this recent legislation courts did not have a line item in their budgets to pay the vendor fee charged by the credit card companies. Lisa expects that more courts will take credit card payments in the next year or so, “we need to work through the bugs that new software and procedures creates”. Ms. Lambert looks forward to having a internet web site that will allow for payment of citations and costs via the internet.