Media release

(Payne County, OK) — The Payne County Commissioners are asking for public input to identify needs and to suggest solutions for addressing the impacts of the ongoing pandemic. This information will be utilized by the County to develop a response and recovery strategy consistent with federal guidelines. You can give your feedback by going to the County’s website and social media pages and looking for the survey links: one for nonprofits and other organizations in the County; one for water, sewer, and broadband service providers, and one for general comment about water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure. Click the applicable link, fill out the survey, and click “Done” at the end to submit. Look for ads in your local paper for these links, too.

Payne County has received federal funding through the American Rescue Plan Act to address needs and impacts to the water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure in the County. Federal guidelines allow for spending on certain projects such as improving access to clean drinking water, investing in wastewater or stormwater infrastructure, and providing access to broadband services. If you have comments or concerns about the water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure in your area of the County, please complete the survey before January 31, 2022, using this link: or you can scan the QR code found at