Friday afternoon American Legion Post 108 held flag ceremonies at the Cushing Public Library and the Cushing Senior Citizen Center. According to past commander Jim Hunter, both were in need of new flags – a service the American Legion is proud to provide to the community.

Librarian LaDonn Connor said the library had taken their flag down because it had become so tattered and torn. “This is great,” she said. “We are so grateful to the American Legion for donating a new flag.”

Sentiments were echoed moments later at the Senior Citizen Center. The Center not only received a new flag but a new flag pole as well. The pole was constructed by legionnaire Clayton Harmon from pipe provided by Jerry Rogers.

As several of the veterans stood around waiting for the flag to be raised, a boy approached – almost as if it were scripted – and extended his hand to one of the men and said, “Thank you sir, for my freedom.”

Obviously touched by the gesture, he shook the boy’s hand and said, “You’re welcome, son.”

Center director Ramona Brown watched as the men raised the flag, “Isn’t that the most beautiful flag in the whole world?” she said with emotion. “We are so blessed.”

The ceremony completed, Mayor Lynda Smith made a point to thank the men. “This is a great thing for Cushing,” she said smiling. “It really is a great thing that you do.”