(Stillwater, Okla.) — A Frederick man on drug probation was given a six-month jail term Friday for assaulting two Payne County sheriff’s deputies near Ripley.

Bradley Austin Wiley, 28, was originally charged with two felony counts of assault and battery on a police officer, which were reduced to misdemeanor assault on a police officer by prosecutor Debra Vincent on Friday.

Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Tomm Edwards was sent to a Ripley area residence on a reckless driver call at 10 a.m. on Jan. 3, according to his affidavit.

A Ripley man said that he and another individual, who had left, had assisted Wiley get his car out of a ditch near the Ripley man’s residence, the affidavit said.

“Wiley then pulled into his driveway and started looking around the carport area near his boat,” the affidavit said.

The Ripley man “told Wiley he didn’t understand what he was saying or doing at the residence. Wiley then got back in the driver seat of the vehicle,” the affidavit said.

When the deputy saw Wiley in the driver’s seat of the vehicle with the engine running, “I observed what appeared to be four $20 bills and a cell phone in Wiley’s lap. I opened the door and attempted to wake Wiley by asking him his name, why he was at the residence and other questions,” Edwards wrote in his affidavit.

“Wiley was unresponsive to my questions. I attempted to wake Wiley by shaking his left shoulder. Wiley became combative and pushed my hand away from him,” Edwards wrote in his affidavit. “Deputy Scott Hopper and I attempted to remove Wiley from the car – he hit me with a closed fist in the chest area dislodging my name plate and microphone,” Edwards alleged in his affidavit.

“Deputy Hopper attempted to grab Wiley’s legs to remove him from the vehicle and Wiley kicked Deputy Hopper in the upper right leg,” Edwards alleged in his affidavit.

“Wiley continued to resist and would not comply with our verbal commands to place his hands behind his back,” Edwards alleged in his affidavit.

After Wiley was secured in restraints and deputies attempted to get Wiley’s personal information, “Wiley stated his name was Christopher and he was born in 1969,” the affidavit said.

Wiley also pleaded guilty Friday to a misdemeanor count of obstructing an officer by giving a false name, for which he was given a concurrent six-month jail term.

Three years ago, Wiley was placed on 10 years’ probation for drug possession and five years’ probation for maintaining a house where drug were kept in Cleveland County, all in 2007, court records show.

On the same day in 2012, Wiley was also placed on 10 years’ probation for drug possession in Cleveland County in 2009, court records show.

Four days later, Wiley was ordered to go to an inpatient treatment facility in Texas as a condition of a three-year probationary term for false pawn declaration in 2011, and to a two-year concurrent probationary term for incurring forfeiture of bail in 2012, both in Oklahoma County, court records show.