STILLWATER, Okla. (AP)  Attorneys for an Oklahoma man charged in the near decapitation of his friend say he’s psychotic and not competent to be tried for first-degree murder.

Attorneys for 21-year-old Isaiah Marin of Stillwater are asking a Payne County judge to schedule a competency hearing before the criminal case proceeds further. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 27.

Marin is charged in the Oct. 29 attack that killed 19-year-old Jacob Andrew Crockett in Stillwater. A police affidavit says Crockett had multiple stab wounds and his head was “mostly severed” from his body.

Marin’s attorneys filed an application to determine competency Tuesday. They say forensic psychologist Dr. Jolie Brams found that Marin suffers from auditory hallucinations and is delusional. They say Marin believes an interplanetary group is placing demands on him.