(Cushing, Okla.) Jim Pickard, President of the local Cushing Chapter of Lions Club International, called the meeting to order today at 12:20 p.m. The agenda started with song and pledge by Lion Jerry Snyder. This was followed by prayer requests for Ami Whitlow Brown and Christina Harbert followed by prayer with Russ Thurman.

Lions Club welcomed guests Jake and Frank Holbert along with Lions Kateri Holbert and Monty Waldron at the noon meeting.

Lion Gerald Jolley let the club know about the Golf Tournament that is scheduled at the Boys Ranch for 10 (a.m.) on Thursday, May 21st (2015).

Tom Cummings once again spoke to the club regarding the vision screenings and equipment that is used to do the screenings. Lions Club continues to set up eye screening events for the children both locally and outside of town.

Lou Griffin, who is helping to get the club ready for the Pancake Breakfast this Saturday May 23rd (2015), noted that the box that held the aprons didn’t seem to be full. She was told by a club member that she just needed a smaller box! (The aprons will be used this Saturday at the Pancake Breakfast.) Tickets for the Pancake Breakfast are $5.00.

The City of Cushing has approved the use of Food Trucks in Cushing this alumni weekend (Saturday). The trucks are to be located on Harrison.

Lion Lou Griffin is to be installed into the Alumni Hall of Fame this Saturday, May 23rd (2015).

City Manager and fellow Lions Club member Steve Spears thanked all of those that helped out with this year’s Jr. Olympics.

Clean up outside of the Lion’s Den is scheduled for Thursday, May 21st at 4:00 (p.m.)

The meeting adjourned around 12:40 (p.m.).

Cushing Lions Club meets each Tuesday at noon in the Lion’s Den in downtown Cushing.

For more information about Lions Club International https://www.lcif.org