(Cushing, Okla) Jim Pickard, President of the local Lions Club International, called his meeting to order today at 12:16 p.m.


The agenda started with Song & Pledge By Lion Jerry Snider. This was followed by prayer requests and a prayer led by Lion Kevin Clouse.


Lions Club then introduced guests: Judy Goddard with RCB Bank and Donna Judd with Red Dirt Media.


Lions Club did not have any correspondence to go over at today’s meeting. However, there were announcements regarding the following items:  a board meeting following the regular meeting, and the Tail Twister Report announcing the $5.53 collected during today lunch meeting. The record this year for the Tail Twister Report was $5.68. Lou Griffin was the Lion of the day.


Today’s program was County Commissioner Zach Cavett with Payne County District #1. Cavett shared information with the Lions Club about road updates and monies going to the road districts. At this time there are several road projects “either” underway “or” in the works. Cavett says that if you have requests you can call him at 918-225-1330.


The meeting adjourned at  12:47 p.m.


Cushing Lions Club meets each Tuesday at noon in the Lions Den in downtown Cushing.