Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty

(Times stated are the reported on or the start date of each event.)



15:08 on 04/23/18, Suspect, Assault-Simple, Threats/Intimidation, Broadway and Jones


16:00 on 04/25/18, Suspect, Burglary/Breaking and Entering, Offense Location Skinner and Bypass


10:40 on 04/26/18, Suspect, Stolen Property-Receiving, Concealing, ETC, Offense Location 805 West Bypass


18:30 on 04/26/18, Suspect, Public Peace-Found Property, Offense Location 609 East Oak Street


19:58 on 04/27/18, Suspect, Larceny Theft – All Other, Offense Location 514 East Federal Street


23:44 on 04/27/18, Brian Keith Rodebush, Driving Under the Influence, Traffic-Other, Offense Location 300 South Pennsylvania Avenue


22:56 on 04/28/18, Traffic-Other, Offense Location SH16 and West 138th Place South


15:33 on 04/29/18, Michael Ethan Dodd, Traffic-Other, Warrants-Local, Offense Location 403 S. Creek


20:10 on 04/29/18, Gary Michael Fisher, Warrants for Other Agency, Offense Location 124 West Broadway



Drumright Fire Department Reports



16:20 on 04/26/18, Truck Bypass and Skinner, Grass Fire, Apparatus C101, C103, and B-8