Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty(Times stated are the reported or starting times of each event.)

19:46 on 06-24-15, Cara Lynn Alexander, Larceny/Theft/Shoplifting, Offense Location 700 West Broadway

21:00 on 06-24-15, Megan Asher, Non Traffic – Other Offenses, Offense Location South Virginia

22:14 on 06-24-15, Avery Taylor Reddout, Threats-Intimidation

00:47 on 06-24-15, Marcus Stone, Traffic – Other, Offense Location Highway 33 and Roadside Park

01:52 on 06-26-15, Jimmy Donahue, DUI, Traffic – Other (x3), Offense Location Broadway and Jones

17:08 on 06-26-15, Seth Metz, Warrants for Other Agency

19:00 on 06-26-15, Justin Michael Williams, Threats-Intimidation, Offense Location 706 E Broadway

18:45 on 06-28-15, Devin William Hulsey, Warrants for Other Agency/Warrants Local, Offense Location 304 E 2nd

18:00 on 06-29-15, Heather R. Adcock and Clint Hobbs, Public Peace-Animal Other, 703 N. Harley

01:30 on 06-30-15, Jay W. Grayson, Assault – Simple, Offense Location 1203 Spruce Drive


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