Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty

(Times stated are the reported on or starting times of each event.)


21:53 on 06-02-15, Sarah Stewart, Disorderly Conduct, Offense Location 330 E. Wood

00:38 on 06-03-15, Rehman Shahidur, Traffic- Other, Offense Location Virginia and Broadway

12:45 on 06-03-15, Henry David Randall, Warrant-Local, Offense Location Ohio and Federal

23:09 on 06-03-15, Juveniles, Threats – Intimidation, Offense Location 710 East Broadway

00:48 on 06-03-15, Billy Boggs Jr., Threats – Intimidation, Offense Location 100 Block of South Pennsylvania

11:00 on 06-04-15, Ryan Curtis Howard, Threats – Intimidation, Offense Location 725 W. Walnut

16:15 on 06-04-15, Silvana Celeste Venegas, Warrant-Local, Offense Location City Hall

05:34 on 06-05-15, Dustin Gilmer, Traffic-Other, Offense Location Hwy 33 and Hwy 16

19:40 on 06-07-15, Martin Wayne Skinner, Traffic-Other

08:02 on 06-08-15, Floyd Paul McCombs, Traffic-Other/Warrants-Local, Offense Location Truck Bypass and Smather

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