(Cushing, Okla.) Cushing’s Board of Commissioners called a Special Meeting for Wednesday, August 19th (2015) which got underway at 3:30 (pm) beginning with calling the meeting to order and opening ceremonies. This was followed by roll call and a declaration of a quorum being present.

General business was next on the agenda and included a tour of city parks by the Cushing City Commissioners. Commissioners looked at factors that pertained to the usage of the park, frequency of vandalism, critical needs for the park, and a 3-5 year re-cap improvement history.

Parks that were included: Northwest Park, Hemphill Park, Roy Kemp Park, Broadway Street Park and Memorial Park.

Upon completion of the park tour a discussion regarding future park improvements took place.

The discussion and possible approval of resolution No. 43-2015 a resolution that will authorize and direct the City Manager to issue a purchase order to Miracle Recreation Equipment Company in the amount of $13,212.60 for one playground unit (a slide), and two geodesic climbers for the park department will take place at a later date.

The City of Cushing has designated a limited amount of funds ($24,000) for park improvements .

City Commissioners adjourned at 5:10 (pm).