Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty:



05/19/18, Sheree Nicole Bolden, Age 39 Years, Introducing Contraband into a Penal Institution


05/20/18, Karen Lynn Miller, Age 48 Years, City of Cushing Warrant 36149 Public Intoxication, 36683 No Seat-belt, 36684 No Driver’s License, 38590 Public Intoxication, 38765 Public Intoxication



Cushing Fire Department 05/18/18 – 05/21/18



12:30 on 05/19/18, 1001 N. Linwood, Fire/Other, Apparatus E-1


18:56 on 05/20/18, 202 N. Harrison Avenue, Cooking Fire, Confined to Container, Apparatus E-1, FD-3, and TRK-1


20:24 on 05/20/18, 822 E. 2nd Street, Natural Gas or LPG, Apparatus E-1


Cushing fire department made a total of twenty ambulance runs with ten of those resulting in a no transport.