Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty:



10/21/18, Michael Paul Curtis, Age 42 Years, City of Cushing Warrant 38331 No Seat belt, 38332 Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle


10/22/18, Juan Antonio Cervantes (Jr), Age 38 Years, No Driver’s License, No Insurance, No Seat Belt



Cushing Fire Department



14:37 on 10/19/18, Responded to North Harrison, Steam, Other Gas Mistaken for Smoke, Other, Apparatus Engine 1


06:06 on 10/21/18, 346485 East 830 Road, (Chandler EMS Paramedic Intercept) OU Medical Center


05:06 on 10/22/18, SH 99 and Eseco, Authorized Controlled Burning, Apparatus BT-18 and BT-20


Cushing fire department made twenty two ambulance runs from October 19th (2018) to October 22nd (2018), and of those seven were no transports.