Cushing Police Chief Terry Brannon recently introduced the newest member of the police force to fellow officers – Nando. Nando and his partner Sgt. Tully Folden returned this past weekend after undergoing two weeks of training at Worldwide K-9 in Big Springs, Texas.

“I appreciate Sgt. Folden’s willingness to leave his family for the betterment of our department and citizens,” said Chief Brannon. “Nando is a welcome addition to the police department.”

According to Chief Brannon, Nando was funded through drug seizure monies. He credited the work of past and present members of the police department for helping to make the newest K-9 partner possible.

Chief Brannon also credited City government by saying, “Without the support of the City Council and General Manager Steve Spears, Nando would not have become a reality for the police department and community. I am very appreciative of their support of our efforts to suppress illegal drug activity in Cushing.”