(Stillwater, Okla.) — A  Cushing man, who was being sought for failure to appear in court on methamphetamine and forgery charges, was charged Friday with ramming a deputy’s patrol car near the intersection of Highway 33 and 99 and attempting to elude the officer.

    Joshua Paul Stutsman, 33, who remains in the Payne County Jail on total bail of $75,000, could be incarcerated for 35 years if convicted of all of his charges. He is due to appear in court Wednesday with an attorney.

    In his latest case, Stutsman was charged with ramming Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Nack’s patrol car on March 22 at a location one-quarter mile west of the intersection of Highway 33 and 99 in Payne County, and attempting to elude the officer.

    Stutsman was arrested March 22 on a bench warrant for his failure to appear in court March 5 on two separate cases.

    In a five-count charge filed four months ago, Stutsman was accused of having possessed methamphetamine on Nov. 19 — when he allegedly attempted to elude Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Jared Noles at Highway 33 and Parotte Road in Cushing, resisted arrest, possessed drug paraphernalia and transported an open container of beer.      

    In another charge filed four months ago, Stutsman was accused of having passed a $350 forged check on a Missouri account to Spirit Bank in Cushing on Oct. 3, 2011.

    Spirit Bank branch administrator Judy Goddard reported that Stutsman cashed or deposited at various Spirit Bank branches $2,150 in checks — on accounts that were frozen or blocked, Cushing Police Detective Adam Harp alleged in an affidavit.

    Stutsman’s estranged wife reported that he had been writing bad checks on their joint account from the Desert Schools Federal Credit Union in Glendale, Arizona, and that she is no longer on their joint account, the affidavit alleged.

    She said that she was in the process of divorcing Stutsman, who near the end of September left Arizona and headed toward Oklahoma, the affidavit alleged.

    She said “she believes that Joshua is writing bad checks out of this account because she filed for divorce,” the affidavit alleged.

    She also said that on Oct. 3, 2011, Stutsman had forged a $350 check that was in her name and her late husband’s name on a Missouri account that was closed in 2007, the affidavit alleged. That check was cashed at the Spirit Bank in Cushing, the affidavit said.

    When Stutsman was interviewed by phone, the Cushing police detective asked him if he knew that his account was blocked or frozen and he said no, the affidavit said.

    “I asked Joshua if he thought that the checks that he was writing were going to bounce and he said that he did not think that they all would,” the detective wrote in his affidavit.

    Asked about the check that he wrote on his estranged wife’s old account that also belonged to her deceased husband, “Joshua at first said that he did not know anything about that check.

    “Joshua admitted that he cashed a check on that account. I asked Joshua if he forged (his estranged wife’s) name on the check and he said no — that the check already had her name signed to the check.

    “I asked Joshua why he was writing the checks and he said because he needed food and gas. Joshua said that he would pay back the money to the bank,” the affidavit alleged.