(Cushing, Okla.)  Agenda items weren’t the only things given a unanimous nod by commissioners, city workers were also commended during the remarks portion of Wednesday night’s meeting. Commissioner Don Amon, perhaps, summed it up best by thanking all the “hardworking people” who keep us safe, our streets clear, and make sure we have electricity and water when we need it.

Chairman Joe Manning was among the first to also thank the citizens for voting at the last election, noting the vote to approve the purchase of a new ladder truck for the Cushing Fire Department did so by a large margin, while the renovation of City Hall was defeated by only 45 votes. His sentiments were echoed by Commissioner Terry Brannon who added, “Opportunity has arisen, I don’t see it as a complete negative.”

Commissioners voted to approve the following:

Resolution No 03-2015: A bookkeeping item increasing the Fire Department Donations Expense Line Item account in the amount of $4,950.00 to accommodate the following donations: Enbridge Energy – $200.00; Allen/Linda Hausner – $1,000.00; TransCanada – $3,000.00 and Centurion Pipeline – $750.00. Fire Chief Chris Pixler said the monies would be used for Fire Department training coming up in May.

Resolution No 04-2015: Another bookkeeping item regarding Emergency Management Performance Grant Program Funds in the amount of $10,000. Emergency Management Director Bob Noltensmeyer said the money would be used for training, exercises and equipment. It was noted that since Noltensmeyer became director, he has procured numerous grants totalling tens of thousands of dollars to be used for various things related to Emergency Management. Noltensmeyer also said he was in need of storm spotter volunteers and the next training would be held in Stillwater, March 10th. Anyone interested may contact him or City Manager Steve Spears.

Resolution No 05-2015: authorization to purchase a Snap-On Tools rolling tool storage cabinet for the service center. Snap-On came in with the lowest bid of $6,600.00, followed by Mac Tools at $7400.00 and Cornwell Tools, $7495.00.

Resolution No 06-2015: amending the budget by appropriating $3,461.00 from the unobligated General Fund balance to be used to refurbish the floating alligator at the Aquatic Center. Spears said the alligator had been damaged by vandals and the cost to refurbish the item was approximately half the cost of replacement.

Resolution No 07-2015: A resolution to execute an agreement with Mike Jones for the lease of the hay crop at the Cushing Regional Airport and a section of land known as the “Old Murphy Farm.” Jones was the highest bidder coming in at $3,571.00 per year each, for the hay crops.

Ordinance No. 02-25-2015 was approved unanimously after a tutorial on why the ordinance regarding electricity codes was needed. The ordinance includes the adoption of the same edition of the code that the State uses, making it easier on private electricians working in Cushing due to their familiarity with the Code. It also clarifies existing codes and assists code enforcement with compliance. New rules included in the ordinance establish an approval process for the location of transformers and pedestals, required clearances for safe operation and access requirements to service the transformers or pedestals.

In Cushing Municipal Authority business, the board voted to approve a resolution authorizing to purchase a 2015 Dodge Ram 5500 flatbed truck for the sewer department. It will replace a 27 year old vehicle that, according to Spears, has become “undependable.” The price of $43,900.25 for its purchase was noted by Brannon as a “good price.” Brannon had priced similar vehicles for his employment.

Monthly meetings of the Cushing Board of Commissioners are typically held the third Monday of each month. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. A special study session has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 6 p.m.

Quote of the night: “When our memories exceed our dreams, things come to an end.” Terry Brannon