(Cushing, Okla.) A Retirement Party was held today (April 26th, 2018) for Captain Franklin Reed a 30 year resident of Cushing, and city employee. Frank and his wife Veronica Reed have a 12 year old daughter (Linsey), and a ten year old son (Nicholas).


Fire Chief Chris Pixler, along with other fire department employees, police, city employees, family and personal friends were on hand to greet and wish Frank well in his retirement.  Approximately 50 well-wishers stopped by the Safety Center to honor his service to the community.  Along with other cards and gifts, Frank was presented a handsome axe in memory of his days as a firefighter.


Frank began his career with the City of Cushing back in 1988 as a Firefighter EMT, a position in which eventually led to him becoming the Captain Franklin Reed (C Shift).


Frank said one of the biggest changes that he’s noticed in this field is the concern for firefighter safety. He said cancer is a big concern because of  being exposed to cancer causing agents in this field.


Frank’s plans for the future include going to Disneyland, and starting a new career!