They’re Baacckkk!  Tiger Time is back on the Donna and Molly Show.  Each Friday from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. CHS students and athletes will be joining the KUSH Girls on 1600 KUSH radio.

First out of the gate – Tiger football players Blake Murray, Derek Robinson, Dawson Myers and Zach Hebensperger and Manager Chandler Payne.  Murray, Robinson and Myers were pumped about their opening game against the Bristow Purple Pirates.

“We’ve got the talent this year,” Robinson (linebacker) said.  “We’ve been working pretty hard.”

Murray said he takes a lot of teasing from the coaches and the other guys for being the quarterback.  “Yea, they call me ‘princess’ ‘prima dona’ – that kind of stuff…but it’s ok – we’re like family.”

Myers, a running back for the team, said he was “ready to run, twist…whatever it takes…”

All the team members agreed on one thing – the support of their peers and the community are key to their feeling of success.

“I don’t think the other students know how much it would mean to all of us if they would show up at the games, ” Robinson said as the others nodded in agreement.

They admitted looking forward to the pep rally later in the day where the coaches were going to show a compilation of video taken of the team’s practices and camps this summer.

“We really do work hard,” Robinson continued.  “Football is like a job.”

Hebensperger was little forlorn since he is out due to injury; but he remains hopeful that although he’s a senior, and unable to play, schools are still looking at him.

“I’ve heard from a couple of schools,” Hebensperger said.  “They know I’m injured, but they’re still looking at me.”  Hebensperger is also an excellent wrestler.  “I’m hoping I’ll be able to wrestle this year – I WILL wrestle.”

Chandler Payne, team manager and water girl, may be slight in stature – especially compared to the football players – but she’s mighty.  In fact, the guys (and Chandler concedes) say she’s a mighty, mighty eater. 

“You oughta see this girl eat,” Hebensperger laughed.

The camaraderie demonstrated was fun to see.  Of course it’s always a good time when the kids come out.  Be sure to tune in each week – for Tiger Time!