Media Release

(Shawnee, Oklahoma) – North Rock Creek Public Schools (NRC) will be able to expand their health and wellness programming and purchase new physical education equipment thanks to a $10,000 donation from the Sac and Fox Nation.

Members of the Sac and Fox Nation Business Committee presented the donation to Blake Moody, NRC Superintendent, on Monday, August 19th at NRC Elementary School. With the donated funds, NRC will be able to expand their health and wellness programming in the elementary grades and replace outdated physical education equipment on the NRC Early Childhood playground.

“Our future is tied to that of our children. Investing in their education is pivotal to their growth and development. We are excited to share our traditions and partner with North Rock Creek Public School to provide a $10,000 donation -from our RAP donation line item- to fund a new playground for their elementary students. The playground will feature signage identifying the Sac and Fox Nation and the athletic prowess of Jim Thorpe, ensuring Jim Thorpe’s legacy will forever be intertwined with the history of the Sac and Fox Nation,” said Principal Chief Justin F. Wood of the Sac and Fox Nation. “We hope this will be the start of similar opportunities across our jurisdiction to bring the Sac and Fox Nation, our people and our communities together with a common goal of ensuring a brighter future for our children.”

NRC Superintendent Blake Moody stated, “North Rock Creek is very fortunate to have a terrific partnership with the Sac & Fox Nation. Chief Wood is a friend of our school and cares about our tribal students and the NRC community.”

The Sac and Fox Nation is a federally recognized tribal nation of over 4,000 enrolled members. The Nation is led by the Business Committee, comprised of five elected officials: Principal Chief Justin F. Wood, Second Chief Audrey Rose Lee, Secretary Jacklyn King, Treasurer Jared King, and Committee Member Robert Williamson. The Nation’s jurisdiction lies in portions of Payne, Lincoln and Pottawatomie counties, with the capitol complex located outside of Stroud.