(Cushing, Okla.) — March 2, 2019

By Hugh Foley

Aho, Ani, Hensci, Osiyo, Halito, and Greetings, Native Air listeners. We have a new blog here where I will have a chance to write a few things, and we’ll see who picks up on it. Am going to try and update this when possible, and further learn the capabilities and inner workings of this website. With regard to Indian Country, the things that have jumped out at me lately include the ESports conference at OSU this coming week that is geared toward tribal gaming and entertainment complexes. This rises out of the growth of ESports at the collegiate and professional level. We have a new ESports facility at Rogers State University (where I teach full time), and that facility is drawing several students to our campus. RSU’s team will compete with OSU’s team this coming week.

I also have the chance to put some links to current stories I’m following for Native Air, my TV classes at RSU, and my graduate class in Contemporary Native Topics course I teach for Southeastern in the Native American Leadership Master’s Program. Those links are at the bottom of the page. Also, I have links to most of the tribes in our listening area, as well as links to sites I check constantly.

So, here we go with an interesting sequence of posts. See you down the road!