(Cushing, Okla.)  Church of Christ, located at 9th and Linwood in Cushing, invites everyone to hear lessons about the Making of the Bible presented by Bible translator Dr. Stanley Morris. 

Dr. Morris has worked with the American Bible Society, and will present a series of Bible lessons which explain the history of how we got the Bible.  Dr. Morris has researched the oldest bible manuscripts available in the original languages of the Bible, Hebrew and Greek.  Dr. Morris’ research was a decades-long journey of faith.

WHERE: 9th & Linwood Church of Christ

WHEN: Sunday, August 19, 2012

            9 a.m. – “How the Bible Was Put Together”

          10 a.m. – “God’s Word – His Truth for Our Lives (The Best Translation is in a Person’s Life)”

           6 p.m. – “How We Got the Bible – Where the Bible Came From”

Each lesson is FREE, but the Church of Christ would like to know in advance how many will attend.  Please RSVP by calling their office at 918-225-0672.

The first 20 families to respond to this invitation will receive a FREE copy of Dr. Morris’ latest book, “Gift of Hope.”  This offer is not available to members of the 9th & Linwood Church, nor any Church of Christ members.

Dr. Morris will gladly sign your FREE copy of “Gift of Hope.”