Rod Bush, General Manager and Roger Smith, Food and Beverage Director are in the Business Spotlight to give us all the exciting news about the new Stone Wolf Casino and Grill…

North of Cushing at junction Hwy 18 and 412 at the Cimarron Turnpike ramp is the location of the brand new 12,000 square feet, Stone Wolf Casino and Grill. Stone Wolf is owned by the Pawnee Indian Nation. The four pillars, or 4 fins, on the outside of the building, represent the four bands of the Pawnee Tribe. Construction began in June of last year and it is now open for business. Rod Bush, the general manager, having 20 years casino experience, was very proud to tell about how classy and beautiful the d├ęcor in the casino is with marble floors, mahogany wood and granite counter tops, majestic pillars, waterfalls, fine dining, and a vision that is finally a reality. I thought it was interesting how they arrived at the name and the logo for the casino. Rod explained; Stone signifies strength and pays homage to the native-stone buildings located on the Pawnee Tribal Reserve and the wolf symbolizes courage. The logo has the head of the wolf chiseled out of the stone to signify strength and the swirling S in the facial features is to not only convey a sense of power but the appearance of being approachable fun and playful.

 The new Casino has over 200 games and a 75 seat restaurant as well. Both Rod and Roger had a lot to say about how rewarding it was for them to be working for and involved in an institution that directly benefits so many people in such a huge way. Stone Wolf is providing full time jobs for over 120 people and that is with health benefits and options, and these employees are from Cushing, Pawnee and all over. The proceeds from the casino will go also go to the health facilities in Pawnee, the new Pawnee Indian College, social Indian programs and so much more, ultimately to the betterment of the Pawnee Tribe itself.

Roger Smith, the Food and Beverage Director and coordinator has years of experience in this field as well. Former basketball coach, teacher and restaurant owner, Roger expressed his own enjoyment of the teaching aspect of his position at the casino. The Stone Wolf Grill is really quite a venture. We want everyone to know that there is a separate entrance to the restaurant, with separate bathrooms.. You do not have to play in the casino, children are welcome, and the menu is specifically designed to accommodate the entire family. We know that because of the location, there are plenty of travelers, truck drivers and families that just want to have a nice meal. The menu has it all from, top of the line center cut steaks including their signature Manhattan Strip and Rib Eye Steaks, Porterhouse Pork Chop and their original Chicken fried shrimp and lobster gravy,and according to Rod, the mashed potatoes are very special surrounded by secrecy. Their dessert..DECADENT, Chocolate Mousse Brownie A La Mode, Strawberry Cobbler, Key Lime Island Pie, Fruit of the Forrest Pie. Beginning Thursday they will be offering breakfast at 7am as well. Even though the restaurant closes at 11pm, you can still order off the bar menu which is available 24hrs.

As for the games, Stone Wolf offers some of the newest games themes in the industry including, Fire Horses, Sands of Gold, Carnival of Mystery Mascarade, and then some of the old time favorites on what Rod developed as Nostalgia Row, Snow Globes, The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys and Tabasco, Fort Knox, Red Hot Jackpots and Jokers Wild.

They have a 4 star players club! Monday nights at 5pm is for the ladies, register at the door and every hour starting at 6pm they will give away a $100, hot seat, and then $500 at 10pm. Mens night on Tuesdays, same thing. Thursday mornings starting at 7am, is for Seniors, 55 and older. They will give $5.00 free play, and look for the breakfast specials , two for one for seniors, starting at 7am.

Stone Wolf will be officially celebrating their Grand opening the 13th, 14th, and 15th of this coming next week and they will have big surprises and specials for those who attend.. The plans around Valentines Day is huge and a big surprise not even revealed to me. There will be drawings each day and restaurant specials. They were talking about a boat or something huge. No doubt about it, they had my attention. Stay tuned to KUSH to find out more on these promotions. I promise you, we will keep you informed and up to date with what is going on at Stone Wolf Casino and Grill. Their website will be a great place to check out the monthly specials and promotions. This was a great, fun interview and most likely you will be hearing from the guys again.