Week 8: Martha Cackler was recently the special guest in the house of KUSH. She is the manager of the Cushing Country Club, as well as the new principle at Harrison School. There is so much going on in Martha’s life, I felt we really needed another hour to visit. She is well-known and very beloved in the city of Cushing. She and her beautiful daughter Alexa have lived in Cushing, well, forever.

Here are some of the things Martha and I talked about on the KUSH Business Spotlight:

The Cushing Country Club (CCC) is the third oldest country club in the State of Oklahoma and is in the process of being placed on Oklahoma’s historical registry. And boy does it have some rich history!

One of my favorite stories about CCC – it’s haunted!

At one time there was a house on the property where the club is now located. A fire completely destroyed the home, tragically killing a woman. Through the years, so many unexplained “incidences” occurred at CCC that folks began to believe the property was haunted – and probably by that woman.

It was because of those frequent incidents that a legitimate paranormal research team from Tulsa was hired to come and investigate. They came to the Cushing Country Club and with high-tech equipment, went through a certified series of procedures and processes to eliminate normal sounds and lighting. During their investigation, a voice was picked up on their recordings as well as other unexplained sounds. In photos that were taken, orbs (circles of lights where none should be) were seen. It was determined and documented by the team that CCC definitely has paranormal activity. To this day Martha has in her possession the recording of that voice. According to Martha, nearly everyone who has been employed at the Country Club claims to have heard something inexplicable or recalls some downright “spooky” incident. I’m not sure who came up with the name, but the “ghost” is known as “Irene.”

Besides talking about the Cushing Country Club’s alleged “haunting,” Martha announced some exciting news – beginning in January, the restaurant will open to the public for lunch! The hours will be from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about!) Other exciting menu items include filet of beef tenderloin – hand-cut and grilled to perfection – as well as the popular rib eye and sirloin. Back by popular demand (and definitely my favorite) is the Mediterranean pizza from their Taste of Italy menu. Shrimp, fish, soups and sandwiches and now – even dessert will be available! There’s the quarterly special of soups and sandwiches – including a chipotle steak and the French dip. Of course breakfast is served anytime: waffles, omelets, etc. – mmm, mmm! Sunday features a delicious buffet with the most mouth-watering prime rib!

And I must give kudos to the kitchen’s creative ones – Chef Jina Phillips-Farar and Kelly Kearley.

The Cushing Country Club is a place where friendships are made and the food is absolutely delicious!

CCC is known best perhaps, for its beautiful 18-hole, par 70, Perry Maxwell and Lebron Harris, Sr. designed golf course. The course is open to the public, with Friday being a half-price day. To schedule a tee-time or information regarding tournaments, call golf pro Glen Rose at (918) 225-6734. Clubs, bags, shirts, lessons and more are all available at the pro shop.

I could go on and on about the Cushing Country Club – its lighted tennis courts, gorgeous swimming pool, 15-acre private lake and more – but instead I’ll recommend you visit their website at www.cushingcountryclub.com. Or better yet, come see it for yourself! Martha announced that currently they are waiving the initiation fee to join Cushing Country Club. For more information, call Martha at (918) 225- 0811.

The Cushing Country Club is located three miles east on 9th Street and as I said before, it is the third oldest country club in the state of Oklahoma. Recently, the Oklahoma Historical Board reviewed the documented paperwork and said, “Yes,” it does qualify to be on the Historical Registry! There is a series of forms to fill out along with providing photos, documentation and lots of facts in order for the registry to become official. I, along with help from you know who… “Antonio,” have taken on the task. However, I am finding that the facts are hard to come by. If you have any information, photos, names, dates, official documents or even stories about the history of the Cushing Country Club, please give me a call. My home phone number is (918) 225-8069; or you may leave a message with Mr. Kelly at KUSH (918) 225-0922. You may also e-mail me at [email protected].

A BIG thanks to Martha Cackler for joining me on the KUSH Business Spotlight. And I’ll look forward to seeing all of YOU at the Cushing Country Club!